SocioClean: Scrubbing Your Social Media Presence Of Scandal

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We’re living in a brave new Internet world. You can’t post pictures on Facebook of you and your buds getting trashed and you can’t tweet about how your boss’s toupee looks like a dead muskrat. Luckily for all those less-than-guarded with their online presence, there’s SocioClean, a free service that helps you purge the inappropriate grime off all your different digital platforms.

What it is: Released in October, SocioClean lets you scan all your different online social networks and then delete the offending items. Taking into consideration the landscape of a universe where its all too easy to broadcast the dirty minutia of your real life online, SocioClean helps you monitor and maintain your Internet presence.

How it works: SocioClean accesses your different online profiles (with your permission, and with the promise they won’t distribute the information) and then scans postings, messages, photos and other items that you have on public display. They don’t scan your inboxes or other areas that are private.

Once they’re through, SocioClean assigns the various profiles a grade, and lets you see the danger zones on your profile. They scan for “Alcohol/Drugs,” things of a “sexual” nature, “racial” items, profanity, and words connoting aggression, and show you exactly where and when the terms appeared. You can also run a custom search for specific words.

Why you’d use it: You are applying for jobs. You have a job. You have a mother. You have enemies. You are a celebrity stalked by the forces of a voracious gossip media itching to get their hands on a piece of incriminating online smut.

Basically, you want your private life to stay private, and your public life to be presentable.


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