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An Introduction From Your New Head Blogger- Kyle Espinola

July 14, 2011

Hello Gauchos! The fantastic staff at Career Services has asked me to take the reigns of our UCSB Career Services Blog.  I want to use this first post to describe both myself as well as where I want to take the blog next school year.


Like the title of the article says, my name is Kyle Espinola and I am a 4th year Economics and Mathematics major with a minor in Statistics.  From the first time I visited UCSB my senior year of high school I knew it was the place for me!  UCSB has treated me so well these last 3 years and I have little doubt that my final year will be the most exciting yet. I have had the privilege of holding many fantastic positions within UCSB including Resident Assistant (RA), first in Manzanita and then the following year in Santa Catalina.  I do a little event coordinating on the side- you know, for kicks! My sophomore year I organized a concert with StillTime and  last year I did an art and music festival entitled Springfest. This year look for my grand finale- a charitable electronic show for the music (and possibly the art) department(s)!  I’ve recruited  easylove records and Bright & Shiny Music to help with production and artist selection. These two prominent Gaucho electronic bloggers/producers/DJs are sure to bring the noise!I also served as a student coordinator for the grounds department at Manzanita Village and a Co Leader for ED 20. This year I will be a  Resident Coordinator at Santa Yenz Apartments, and a head blogger for UCSB Career Services.  This list should by no means be viewed as a personal shout out, but instead I use it as a means of showcasing all the great positions our school offers. The opportunities at UCSB are endless you need only get off your butt and seize them!

In addition to the great positions I’ve held at UCSB I’ve also had the privilege of being a congressional intern in Washington D.C. for Congressmen DevinNunes.  Ask me anything about the Capital’s architecture or history, I dare you!  In addition to my time in D.C. I am currently a business development intern for  Our company strives to build comprehensive comparison engines so you can find the best of anything from laptops to lawschools.  I’m going to save my experiences with the company for a separate guest post because its been that fun and educational!  For now just know that internships are great and look out for guacho internship testimonials on this blog.  If you want to write about your current or past internship experience email me at

On a personal note, I love to surf. It is bar none the most challenging and fulfilling activity I do.  Aside from being in the water, you can find me running through IV, studying in the library, drinking with my friends, or enjoying the beautiful SB sun! I’m a big time management and wellness guy, so don’t be surprised if both of those topics are covered on the blog.

Well that’s me in a nut shell, now lets hear about you and your experiences at UCSB!  If you have any experiences or tips you want to share with your fellow gauchos just let me know.

The Blog:

My initial thoughts are to break the blog into broad focuses.  Below is a break down with some potential sections but if you have any ideas please share them:

1. Career and Internship Testimonials: Fact: it is is easier to see from the shoulders of giants.  When people share their experiences it is like seeing from the shoulders of giants.  Help your fellow students out by providing them with your career and internship experiences both in and out of UCSB.  The hope is to create a diary of great testimonials from each department on campus. If you have an experience worth sharing I encourage you to share your knowledge; don’t be selfish.

2. Tips & Hacks For Students: This section is reserved for all those little or big things  you do to make your life easier while still maintaining that fabulous GPA.  I personally will be doing some video and written posts on googlecalender, evernote, and a variety of other tech that helps people be more productive.  If you have a tip or hack share it!

3. General Know-How for Getting Jobs and Internships: Getting a job is both an art form and a science.  This section of the blog will showcase those tactics and secrets we can use to get hired!  Instead of being ill-prepared for your next interview read some of our future posts on getting a job.

4. Whatever You Want:  Not really a section, but more of an opportunity to expand on further interests.  If you have something related to being a student or getting a job- here is the space to express yourself.

Once again I’m Kyle and this is your space to advance the success of UCSB students: contribute, read, and above all execute!

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  1. August 15, 2011 6:49 pm

    Congrats Kyle, looking forward to what you can do. I’m particularly interested in the..

    3. General Know-How for Getting Jobs and Internships

  2. August 16, 2011 11:42 pm

    Thanks Brian I’m going to do some time management/ school success posts and then I’ll dive into the internship/ job posts. For now just embrace all opportunities and say “yes” more than you say “no.”

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