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Gaucholink: Where Gauchos Go for Internships

September 13, 2011

 By Kyle Espinola

I was chatting with my housemate Brandon Landow- 4th year economics & accounting major- about gaucholink the other day. I told him I wanted to discuss the service  in my next post and was looking for an outside opinion.  His response: “I  check gauchlink on the daily for new internship opportunities. I’ve received three internships through gaucholink thus far!” I was taken back, but not surprised by his response. I’ve received countless interviews as well as my current internship with FindTheBest through gaucholink. The service is excellent and you should definitely utilized the resource. After all aren’t you paying for it?


Gaucholink Benefits


When an employer posts a job or internship listing on gaucholink they are saying, “Hey I want a Gaucho because they are exceptional!” Employers know UCSB students perform, so they take the extra time to post opportunities on gaucholink. Also because Career Services manages the system they are able to align job fairs and recruitment sessions to specific job listings. In all honesty gaucholink should be your first stop when on the hunt for internships or jobs.


Aside from providing you with tailored opportunities gauchlink is also very easy to operate. Many of the job listings only require your resume, which is stored on the site after you upload it. However, you may want to draft a short response when sending in a resume as a means of differentiating your application from the others.


Setting Up Gaucholink


Here is a link to the site. Once you’ve landed on the page you need to log in. Your log in and password by default are your UCSB Net ID. If you are a first time visitor you’ll be asked to fill out your profile and upload your resume. Your profile includes basic contact information as well as your academic history i.e. major, GPA, etc. These are not the only tabs on the page, so make sure to familiarize yourself with all the functions. If you have a question though please comment on the post and I’ll do my best to answer your inquiry.


Searching for Internships


Scroll over  the “Jobs, Internships, & Campus Interviews” tab and click internships. There are  anywhere from 200 to 300 listings on gaucholink at any given time. In order to speed up your search there is a button labeled “options” that allows you to specify both job function and industry. However, most of the time I just scroll the listings and star any that look interesting. I personally believe that an internship that gives you more responsibilities and independence it greater than one in your industry of interest; however, aligning both is ideal. With 20 listings on one page the process takes all of 15 minutes and insures nothing slips through the cracks.




After you’ve starred your favorites, go through and read in detail the job specifics. Make sure to do your research. Go to the company’s website, read their “about us” and click around. The company fitting you is just as important as you fitting the company. As I said previously, applying is extremely easy and most times takes only a few clicks. Select the appropriate resume, write a short introduction, and click send. Hopefully you’ll hear back from them in a few days for an in-person interview.


Let us know your gaucholink stories. Leave a comment and help other gauchos succeed in and outside of the classroom.




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