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Making the Most of Your First Week of College

September 19, 2011

by Kyle Espinola,


Ring ring! Class is in session and it’s time to breakdown your first week Gauchos. Welcome to higher academia my friends. The first week of school is extremely important; you arrive and are met with new faces and different places. Now is your chance to make your visions a reality. Here are some points to consider when entering your resident hall for the first time:

The Approach: I don’t care what people say, it’s impossible to predict or truly map out your four years of college. Instead of stressing over where you want to be at the end, focus your mind on the present and what positive choices you can make today. When I first came to UCSB, I had one thought in mind: “capture opportunities.” Open your mind to new experiences and learn from every encounter. When you say “yes” more than you say ”no” life becomes a whole lot more exciting and interesting.

Your Brand: My Resident Director (RD) once told me that we all have a personal brand and that we are responsible for its value.  College yields you the opportunity to redefine or refine your personal brand. Being genuine is the best way to increase brand value and recognition. Ask a friend to name five things you’re excellent at and five things you could improve. An outside opinion reveals what we dismiss as natural. Be mindful of how you portray yourself, people are always creating opinions. In the end, if you’re true to yourself all else will follow.

Network Now: Hopefully your college’s admissions did their job and selected smart, as well as diverse, individuals for you to interact with on campus. If they didn’t, ask for your money back because you’ve been robbed! Surround yourself with fantastic people and constantly embrace new encounters. There are duds out there no doubt, but strive to learn from everyone. If you surround yourself with talented and driven individuals, I promise your life after college will start to reveal itself. And believe me, you’ll like what you see!

Love It: Do things because you love them. I don’t care if you’re picking classes, working, or reading a book—make sure you love it. Fact: Life is short.  Don’t waste your precious time; love and own everything you do. All things have a purpose, the quicker you realize the purpose the faster you can start owning your four years of school.

It’s very important to meet as many people as you can during your first week of class—so get up and go knock on your neighbor’s door—now! Put a smile on your face and show people the true you. Trust yourself and establish connections socially, academically, and personally. Best wishes and may your first week of college be one you never forget!


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  1. September 23, 2011 4:24 pm

    Well, yeah it was kind of unforgettable lol each week brings new issues i guess!

  2. October 8, 2011 11:58 pm

    From personal experience I know that the first week of college can be very scary and exciting at the same time. It is important to meet and talk to as many people as you can to avoid depression and homesickness. It only takes time before you will be adjusted and love college!

  3. October 26, 2011 4:45 pm

    In addition, keep in mind that college is not, REPEAT, not high school all over again. Whether you had a great time in high school as a popular jock or had an awful time as a band geek, college is your second chance to turn a new page in your life and blossom as the person you want to be. All the freshmen are just as nervous as you are and no one will be judging you because colleges are all about diversity. Just be yourself and take a chance. Start a conversation with the person next to you in class and keep an open mind. Before you know it, you will be making acquintances and perhaps, life long friends.

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