A Letter from Krissy- A “W” Fashion Magazine Intern in New York City

By Kristan Maurer

I am loving NYC! There’s never a dull moment here that’s for sure.

I’ve been interning at W for a little over a month now and boy is it different from working at UCSB Career Services. I’m interning 4 days a week, we get there at 9am and don’t leave until 7 at the earliest and when we have photo shoots going out, it can be as late as midnight. Everyone is always so stressed and it gets super hectic!

We interns are constantly running around the city doing errands and picking up the clothes needed for shoots from the PR showrooms and designers. I spend all my time when I’m in the office in the fashion closet working with the clothes. As I get more experience, I am slowly starting to get more special projects with the editors which is way  more beneficial for networking and finding a job after my time as a W intern.

I haven’t gotten to use many of my skills I learned as a Marketing Peer but my knowledge of the fashion industry is growing tremendously. When I start searching for a real job I can combine my knowledge and experience of both industries to find something that I really want to do and feel qualified for. This internship goes until December so while I am casually browsing for jobs right now, I probably won’t start seriously job hunting until after the holidays just because I think I really need this internship under my belt to stand a chance at any entry-level position in the fashion industry and no one is really going to be hiring through the holidays. We’ll see if I even want to be here in NYC after the holidays when it starts getting super cold and snowy 🙂


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