Tips for College Sophomores

By Annika Rittenhouse

Sophomore year you are more comfortable with your surroundings and have started to feel like you belong and here are some thoughts on this point of college:

* Do something a little more outside of what you would normaly do- join a club, sport or group that you have never tried before- you may learn something new about yourself!
* Start thinking about the classes you have enjoyed taking and look into different majors. Check pre-requisites, gpa requirements and units when looking at majors because it could influence what major you decide you want to choose.
* A note here- look at what jobs that type of major feeds in to- it can give you a sense of the skills and classes you will need, but don’t think that because you choose a certain major you can’t do a specific job.
* Start thinking about programs that you might want to do your junior year. Many times bigger programs require applications that need to be turned in your sophmore year.
Visit UCSB Alumni Aninika Rittenhouse’s website for more great college advice.


  1. 12 months, 12 people, 12 BIG questions.

    Your social network (beyond FB, Twitter and LI) will ultimately be responsible for the leaps and bounds you make through and after college.

    So, there at UCSB, look around…open the phone book to your “career direction,” and scan the newspapers. Find someone – this month – and invite them to a #CoffeeChat. An informal gathering where you sit down over tea or a latte and talk.

    Bring a BIG question, relative to what you’re interested in and what they know a lot about (use LinkedIn and GoogleAlerts to find out), and talk for 30-45 minutes. Do this once a month, and you’ll meet 48 pretty amazing people over the next 4 years.

    Oh, I live in Ojai, and would LOVE to sit down with anyone who’d like to meet!

  2. The most important thing I’ve found so far for any venture is networking. Whether you’re looking for a job or starting a business after college. You can dump applications out one after the other with no call back, but know one person in the office you want to work in and bam! You could be hired next week. People are your greatest asset! Keep up with your classmates on facebook, and they could help you out if you’re willing to help them too.

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