Benefits of an Internship

  • Increased Experience and Confidence 

Studying a major is one thing, applying that knowledge to “real world” situations is entirely another. In an internship, you learn to back up your smarts

with action

  • Résumé Builder

Relevant work experience is the first thing employers look for when recruiting. For certain industries, such as media and entertainment, internships are essential.

  • Focused Career Direction

Explore what you like and don’t like.

  • Contacts

Tap into a network of professionals that can offer references, advice, and information about new job opportunities.

  • Future Job Offers

Many companies use internship programs for their recruitment efforts. Working with interns gives them the chance to try out motivated, ambitious students before employing them. If the intern makes the grade, the company may make a permanent job offer.

  • Types of Internships

Find local, part-time (10 to 15 hours per week), paid or unpaid internships by applying through GauchoLink. More than 200 different internship opportunities in government, non-profit, media, and business-related organizations can be found throughout the academic year. Don’t overlook on-campus peer advising, leadership, and student affairs
internships. On-campus positions can offer valuable career-related skills as well. See student positions at Recruitment for these positions is typically early Winter quarter for the following academic year.

Many study abroad programs offer field research or internship options as part of their course offerings. Students are then able to transfer units back to campus. Or you can do a combination of travel, short-term work, and/or teaching in more than one country. Here are some places to start:

Summer (National)
Typically, full-time, paid programs are used by companies to recruit future employees. Therefore, they can be quite competitive. A cover letter and résumé are mandatory for all national internship programs. For summer research positions, recommendation
letters and a short essay are also required. Seasonal and/or camp or park related positions may also enhance one’s confidence and skill development.

Post-BA Internships                                                                                                       These highly competitive, and often times year-long, programs can be found primarily in the government or non-profit sectors. Business or private sector companies can no longer hire you as an unpaid intern once you graduate.

Career Services offers many resources regarding internships. Drop into our Career Resource Room for more information and to find the right internship for you. Also, check out to rate, research and compare internships in various industries across the United States. While not endorsed by Career Services, we think this is a valuable tool in your internship search..



  1. There is another benefit of internships: knowing if a job is NOT for you! I did an internship with a german governemtal agency in Southamerica, and just hated it! It would have been the perfect employer for me, they paid well and they even offered me a job at the end of my internship. But since I didn´t like how they worked I decided for a NGO that paid less – but I was very comfortable working for them.

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