Students Queue Up for Resume Review with Employers

By: Lily Maestas, MSW

In preparation for the Fall Career Fairs, taking place next Tuesday and Wednesday from 1-4pm at the UCen Corwin Pavilion, students lined up yesterday for our quarterly resume+ event for an opportunity to have their resumes critiqued by employers and Human Resource professionals. Both technical and non technical companies joined us for an afternoon of resume critique and the opportunity to interact with students who are actively searching for positions before and after graduation. Students who attended the event also received an early admission pass to the Career Fairs. This pass will allow students to meet with employers an hour before the doors are open to the general student population at 1:00pm.

The line of students started to form about an hour early for the 2:00 event and employers were eager to get started. There was plenty of information shared with students in line about workshops and events related to our different fairs throughout the quarter. The UCSB Alumni Association was available with cookies and information on how they might be of service to you once you leave UCSB. Within an hour of starting the event the line was wound around Career Services and we had to call Career Counselors into duty to ensure that all students waiting would be seen.

An added feature of this quarter’s resume+ was a Peanuts type advice booth for quick questions regarding appropriate attire, handshake, piercing and tattoos and information on developing your elevator pitch in preparation for the upcoming career fairs. Students took advantage of this booth to ask detailed questions about all things related to Job Search. Over 175 students were seen in a two hour period.

If you did not have a chance to attend resume+ you can still get your early admit to the Career Fairs by coming into the Career Resource Room and having us look over your resume before the fairs.