Announcing the Awardee for Career Services Internship Scholarship Program!

KempScholarAfter reviewing a competitive applicant pool, we are excited to announce that Jessica Morales has been selected as the inaugural recipient of the Micael Kemp Internship Scholarship Award through Career Services Internship Scholarship Program! Jessica Morales is a second year student in Biological Sciences and plans to attend medical school. Jessica is currently exploring her interests further to identify her area of focus within the field and has been selected to participate in COPE Health Solution’s Clinical Care Extender Internship. Jessica is extremely excited for the experience with direct patient care and all that the rotation program has to offer.

Career Services recognizes the need for students to explore their interests through internships to become competitive graduate school and job applicants. Many internships that our students seek are unpaid, such as the Clinical Care Extender Internship, and may cause financial hardships. The goal of Career Services Internship Scholarship Program is to reduce financial barriers that may impact students pursuing unpaid internships as they seek experiential learning in their field of interest. Preference for this scholarship was given to students who demonstrate financial need and applicants were considered for the Micael Kemp Internship Scholarship Award, which honors the student’s achievement with a $1,500 scholarship to support their internship experience.

In light of significant financial barriers, Jessica Morales is persistent in identifying financial aid and support options that will ultimately assist in her success.  Jessica currently works on campus and has held several part-time jobs to contribute to her academic and career goals. Additionally, Jessica is challenged by the difficult cost to commute to her internship from Santa Barbara to the Los Angeles area while juggling summer courses and her on-campus job. Not only has Jessica made her passion for the medical field evident, she has also demonstrated her dedication to pursuing experiential learning opportunities to support her career goals:

“Many times I have considered taking at least a leave of absence from my internship in order to save up some money to not have financial struggles in the future. However, I know postponing my problems won’t solve them, if anything this might worsen them. I am eager to contribute my abilities and experiences to the medical field but I am always hindered from doing more due to my lack of money. If given this scholarship I can guarantee you won’t be sorry. Given my broad experience and background, I believe I can put my abilities to good use as I am trying to do now with this internship as well as in the future.” –Jessica Morales

Please join us in congratulating Jessica Morales!