Recruiter’s Perspective: Young’s Market Company


Why do you enjoy recruiting Gauchos?

We love our UCSB grads!! Since our College program took off in 2013, the UCSB Grads have been very successful in our training program and have really excelled in progressing through our company. UCSB students have attributes that we love to have at our company such as tenacity, motivation, and the ability to catch on quick with our industry. We hope to continue to grow our team with UCSB grads!

What tips would you give to students to be successful at the career fair?

First impression is everything. A Recruiter knows if they want to talk to you within the first 5 seconds of you approaching their table. Remember to dress professionally, print out MORE resumes than you think, do your research on the companies that you will be connecting with at the fair (because there is nothing more special than a student that has done their research), and have fun! This is the perfect time to connect with anyone even if you are not graduating. Always network because you never know what might come out of you attending these events.

What tips would you give to students about how to be successful in an interview?

Understand that you have been selected for a reason to interview for the position. Here are a couple tips for before the interview which is half the battle to making a successful interview. Lay out your suit or business attire the night before. Regardless if the company has a casual approach, you can never be over-dressed for an interview. Print out or map your route to the interview. Understand how long it will take you WITH traffic and schedule to leave your house on time. My father always told me you are on time to an interview when you arrive 30 minutes before. That way it will give you enough time to sit in the parking lot and distress from the traffic or just to focus on reviewing material for the interview. Lastly, make sure to do all the research on the company a couple days prior. There is nothing more impressive than going into an interview telling them everything you know about their company and them! Research the company website, LinkedIn, etc. Utilize your network to find out everything you can about them.

What type of opportunities are available at your company?

We have many different opportunities that are listed on our website at These positions would include, entry-level sales, Accounting/Finance, Admin support, Human Resources, and Operations. Our company headquarters is in Tustin, CA. Many of our Entry-level Sales positions are located all throughout our 10 Western states.

By: Erin Hill, Sr. Recruiter with Young’s Market CompanyLinkedIn Picture