Recruiter’s Perspective: AppFolio


Why do you enjoy recruiting Gauchos?
At AppFolio, we recruit heavily from UCSB. Our office is within a mile of campus, so it is a great opportunity to find individuals that appreciate the local community and are rooted long-term. Company culture is a huge part of working at AppFolio, and hiring people with commonalities (like throwing tortillas!) helps to enhance the family atmosphere. There are several Gauchos on our leadership team, and we know from our own experiences at UCSB that the university provides a top-notch education. This helps us find smart and motivated individuals to join our company!


What tips would you give to students to be successful at the career fair?
Come to the career fair prepared to meet with the attending companies. The best way to do this is to research ahead of time – visit each company’s site to get a feel for what they do and what career opportunities they provide. This will help you stand out to employers by showing you’ve made the effort to learn about their company and are interested in what they have to offer. It’s also important to be yourself and relax. At AppFolio our positions are rooted in customer service, so a huge part of what we look for is a candidate’s ability to speak comfortable and confidently. A great way to have confidence is to research ahead of time so you have specific talking points on the company. And remember that smiling goes a long way!

What tips would you give to students about how to be successful in an interview?
A differentiating factor in an interview is whether the candidate just wants a job, or that they want a job at AppFolio (or the related company). You need to research the company ahead of time to understand what they do – you should never ask this in an interview. Remember that accepting an interview means you are interested in working for that company, so make sure you can explain why a position at the company is important to you. It’s also important to ask questions and keep the conversation moving by giving longer explanations versus one-word answers. We want the interview to feel comfortable just like you do, so be sure to contribute to the open conversation. And remember that smiling goes a long way!

What types of opportunities are available at your company?
AppFolio continues to hire for all departments (check out, but our main focus at the UCSB career fairs is on our customer service and sales roles. These are entry level, full-time positions that come with a competitive salary and benefits package. Both the Sales and Services departments provide long-term career opportunities within their respective teams, and the ability to transfer departments as opportunity arises. Our executive team does an amazing job of instilling a strong company culture – from team lunches and activities to co-ed sports leagues, there is always something fun to do at AppFolio. In addition to growing your career, this means opportunities to build new friendships, roommates and professional connections.

headshot (1) By: Katelyn Surak, Manager of Customer Success at AppFolio