Recruiter’s Perspective: PayJunction


Why do you enjoy recruiting Gauchos?
PayJunction was founded by three Gauchos back in 2000. They actually started the company in their apartment in IV on Sueno! The owners have an obvious soft spot for hiring Gauchos.

I know first hand how tough it can be out there as a recent grad. I, too, am a UCSB alumni and love to help out my fellow Gauchos with career opportunities!

Also, we at PayJunction find that UCSB grads are ready to take on anything – being that it’s a “theory based” school, graduates are ready to take on difficult tasks and their critical thinking skills are on par with what we are searching for here at PayJunction.

What’s tips would you give to students to be successful at the career fair?
First and foremost, be prepared! Do your research on the companies you’re interested in talking with and have resumes ready to hand out. I’d also suggest brainstorming some questions for the company ahead of time.

Another big one, confidence. We continue to be impressed with students that approach our booth with poise and self-assurance.

Lastly, be yourself. Recruiters are people too, we know you may be a little nervous and that’s ok! It’s more impressive to speak with a student that seems comfortable being themselves rather than one that has rehearsed lines. Remember, companies recruit for cultural fit too. Chances are it will be a better match if you’re exhibiting your true self.

What tips would you give to students about how to be successful in an interview?
In addition to being yourself at career fairs, it’s also an important tip to remember for interviewing. By this point, the hiring manager has already looked at your resume and liked it (hence bringing you in for a meeting). The interview is where they want to learn things like: how you communicate, your passion for the skills/job at hand, your cultural fit, and how you think on your feet. I’ll never forget that during the interview process for my first position here at PayJunction I was asked, “What do you think of Gnomes?”. “Gnomes!?” I thought, but kept my composure and answered. Later, I learned that question was meant to break out of the standard interview style to see how I might handle a challenge in the workplace.

Another huge part of interviewing, dress to impress. I’ve always listened to my mother when she said “dress for the role you want”. If you aren’t sure of the company’s dress code, always play it safe with business professional. At PayJunction, we keep it pretty casual day-to-day but always enjoy seeing a candidate who takes the extra step.

My third word of advice, keep responses short and to the point. You don’t need to fluff your interview answers with a bunch of adjectives that you think make you sound smart. If you’re asked where you see yourself in 5 years, answer it with 2-3 concrete bullet points. This shows confidence as well as your capacity to clearly and effectively communicate.

On that note, lastly, ask questions! It’s inevitable that at the end of every interview you’ll hear “Do you have any questions for us?” Your answer should always be yes! Do your research and prepare questions. One of our favorites, “Why do you enjoy working here?” We love getting an opportunity to brag a bit about what a great company PayJunction is.

What type of opportunities are available at your company?
We are constantly hiring students for our part time recruiting position. These employees are the ones responsible for building our external sales team. It’s a great opportunity for students to build their resumes and gain real business knowledge while still in school. The best part – you pick your own schedule to work around your classes!

We are a rapidly growing company and always have new positions available in various departments. These include: Accounting/risk, technical and customer support, sales, and software engineering. If you are interested in seeing what’s available here at PayJunction, keep checking our job board as we are continuously posting:

ColbyBy: Colby MacIsaac, HR & Recruiting at PayJunction