Recruiter’s Perspective: Yelp!

Why do you enjoy recruiting Gauchos?

Our UCSB alum are always very prepared and ready for a challenge.  They’re coach-able and willing to listen and implement feedback.  Our Yelp Gaucho alumni have great energy and are always striving to succeed.  In fact, our Head of Sales Training in San Francisco, Emily Meersand, is an ’09 UCSB graduate, and started at Yelp in March 2011 as an Account Executive sales rep. She was one of the top sales reps in the organization, and went on to be one of the highest grossing Sales managers to-date! Currently, she is Head of Sales Training in San Francisco.  If you decide to come work with us after graduation,  not only would you be learning from someone with a successful, proven track record, you’d also be learning from a fellow Gaucho!

What tips would you give to students to be successful at the career fair?
Come prepared. It’s great to see students who already know about roles we’re recruiting for, and are familiar with Yelp as an organization. Look into the companies that are attending ahead of time and do further research on the ones you are interested in. Check out their website and the jobs they have available so you can approach the table ready to ask questions about the company and the role.

What tips would you give to students about how to be successful in an interview?
Study the information given to you ahead of time. Look around on the company’s website and read about the role; there is a lot of rich information available. For example, we encourage candidates to read up on our Sales Blog, where we provide information on our advertising products and company culture.  It’s great when people are prepared for the interview because it shows that you are professional and serious about the role. I also recommend subscribing to online articles, blogs, and reading up on any general information about the industry so you’re knowledgeable about the topic at hand.

What types of opportunities are available at your company?
We are actively hiring for our Account Executive roles in San Francisco, Phoenix, New York, and Chicago. We hire training classes almost every month, and it is the perfect position for a new college graduate. The Yelp Sales Development Program provides career growth and opportunities to develop your leadership and higher-level sales skills.  If you already enjoying frequenting local businesses around campus in Santa Barbara, you’ll love helping local businesses as an Account Executive at Yelp.

Feel free to reach out to the Yelp Recruiting Team with any questions at We’d love to tell you more about the opportunities at Yelp!

SYOY! – See you on Yelp!

yelp photo  By: Lauren Elmets, Junior University Sales Recruiter at Yelp, Inc.