Green Hill Software – Internet of Tomorrow Tour

Green Hills 26 April 2013

Green Hills Software – Internet of Tomorrow Tour

If you were downtown last month, you may have seen quite the sight with an orange, 3-story 18-wheeler parked on Sola Street. If you ventured inside the truck, you would have seen it packed with over 120 interactive demos like the latest wearables, automotive dashboards, telepresence robots, and myoelectric gesture recognition and personal medical apps. Check out the photos below!

Green Hills Software, a Santa Barbara-based company, partnered with Freescale Semiconductor on the Internet of Tomorrow Tour – a 20,000-mile North American tour showcasing real technology, products, sensors, chips, and software that is driving the Internet of Things (IoT).

On January 15th the tour made a stop at the Green Hills Software headquarters, and UCSB students got to go to try out the latest internet-connected products like a wearable that fast-forwards through commercials with the flick of your wrist, a door that locks and unlocks with your phone, and an activity monitor for your dog.

Green Hills Software also demonstrated how their secure, safe, and real-time software solutions are driving IoT products of today and tomorrow. One demo showed how a RAM scraper can pull your personal credit card information from a PoS card reader (like the Target breach) unless it runs INTEGRITY, Green Hills Software’s real-time operating system. The engineer doing this demo was so confident in the security of our system, they used their own credit card on the PoS terminals. Other Green Hills demonstrations were:


  • High Performance, Safety-Certified Digital Instrument Cluster
  • Streaming Media for Automotive Infotainment
  • Secure Remote Management of Critical IoT Devices


After students toured the trailer, there was a catered lunch where they could chat with more Green Hills Software engineers about their work on the world’s highest performing compilers, most secure real-time operating systems, revolutionary debuggers, and virtualization solutions for embedded systems.


If you missed the tour stop at Green Hills Software, don’t worry! More stops are scheduled with many more to be announced. Check the current schedule at Tour in SB - 204_small IoT Tour in SB - 204_small_inside_trailer IoT Tour in SB - 204_small_wearable