Career Peers Tell All: Career Leader Assessment Tool


Though UCSB seems like it has it all, the one thing it is missing is a business major. There are many majors at UCSB that are very applicable and provide a useful background for a career in business, but undergraduates interested in going into business have a harder time figuring out which career field might be right for them. This is where Career Leader comes in handy.

I think we can all agree that assessments are the best! Why make life altering decisions by yourself when you can take an assessment to help guide you? Career Leader is just that assessment! It is offered by Career Services and can help students who have an interest in business hone in on their strongest skills and match them with industries in which they might excel. Like other assessments, it takes a variety of factors into account. The assessment is broken into three parts: motivators, skills, and interests. Once all three segments have been completed, the result section is available to be viewed right away! The results are broken into the same segments, but also give an overview of the student’s strengths and weaknesses as well as things they should look for in a career or job. Based on these results, career fields are recommended to the student. These fields can be researched through the Career Leader Website. The results are extensive and detailed.

Career Leader is unique because it gives students an overall view of how they work, what motivates them, and what they’re good at. It is great for students who are interested in business but are having a hard time narrowing down their strengths and career interests. After taking the assessment, you’ll finish with a better idea of what business career path is for you!

Undergraduate and Graduate students can register for Career Leader in the Career Resource Room. It costs $25 and does not need a scheduled interpretation (though one may be scheduled if a student would like to talk over his or her results with a counselor). Come in and talk to any of the career peers if you are wondering if this assessment is a good fit for you!

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By: Alexa Dickinson, UCSB student and Career Peer at UCSB Career Services