A Day in the Life of a Gaucho: Sal Ramirez


“My name is Sal Ramirez and as a Gaucho alumn, if there is one thing I have taken with me since graduating it is striving to cultivate a sense of community. UCSB really instilled this in me throughout my four years, and it has never left. In fact, it is what inspired me to serve in the Peace Corps after graduation. As a volunteer, I knew that building a community of support was important. I honored and valued having learned how to do just that from being a part of the Gaucho community.

After my service, I thought to myself how do I continue to give back. I decided to enroll in graduate school in public policy to learn how to affect change systemically. My two years at Brandeis really helped form my desire to be involved in public service and led me to work in the non-profit sector. I joined a team of educators in New York City that works to disrupt racism by showing people how to talk about race in the classroom. With my role at this organization, called Border Crossers, I am able to enact much needed change and build strong community support systems. Being of service is one of the best life lessons I learned from UCSB, one that will surely continue to inform my professional goals.”