You’ll Figure It Out

“You’ll figure it out.” That’s what almost everyone says when they ask you “What are you going to do with your degree?” and you don’t have a clear cut answer for them. Sometimes it can be a fantastic answer because then those individuals stop probing and you can move on to other areas of your life that you also probably don’t want to discuss (i.e. your dating life). Other times, it can be the most terrifying response because then you have so much pressure to “figure it out”. What if you don’t figure it out?

That’s where Career Services comes in. We are the ones that can give you the first steps in how to “figure it out”. It’s similar to building anything from IKEA. At first you dump out all the pieces and are so overwhelmed by just building a stupid dresser, but then you find the directions and piece by piece the pile of random screws and pieces of wood become a dresser before your eyes. Your career is the same way.

And you aren’t alone. Most students I see are in the same position, looking at a pile of the random pieces of their life and not being able to see a future. Every student at one point in their college career has the overwhelming thought of “What am I doing with my life?” Let us help you figure it out and together we can build you one amazing dresser.

Written by Maddie Foster, Career Counselor at UCSB Career Services