Wondering what to do now that you’ve attended the fall career fair? Tips below about how to follow up!


The Follow-Up
Give yourself the competitive edge and don’t make the mistake of thinking that as soon as you have spoken to the last employer and left the fair that you are finished. Follow up is essential!

-Send a thank you email and to sweeten the pot, send hand-written thank you within one week of the event. In the initial thank you email let the employer know that you appreciated their attendance to the fair, their willingness to speak with you and provide you with further insight into their company and/or positions, and let them know how/when you will be applying.

-Be persistent but do observe follow-up procedures suggested by the employer. Once you have complied with these, and a reasonable amount of time has passed since you heard from the employer and applied to the job/internship, it is okay to send an email or call to inquire about the status of your application.

Prepare the the Interview and Salary Negotiation
Your work is still not over! Don’t forget to start prepping for your interviews. Use the resources below.