MY VISIT TO SKECHERS (Manhattan Beach, CA)

skechers-couple skechers-relaxing24 years ago an exciting idea became a reality when Skechers was officially incorporated in Manhattan Beach. Business was conducted from a beach house and the only style available was a practical work boot. Now the 2nd largest athletic shoe retailer (behind Nike), the company is on track to have 1,600 locations globally and has grown from that beach house to 4 large buildings in Manhattan Beach, with significant expansion coming in the near future.

Skechers has made its brand on having shoes for everyone, toddlers, children, teens, working folk, parents and grandparents. They are broadening significantly and are entering some very high-end markets, including men’s dress shoes, performance walking shoes, basketball shoes, cleated shoes and the list goes on. They are also entering the apparel market and will be bringing lines of athletic gear to their stores.

Skechers is looking to recruit UCSB students and bring them into the company in pre-management and management roles. They are open to different majors depending on the position, but are interested in those with creative backgrounds (design, marketing, and advertising), business backgrounds, technical expertise, and sales/retail experience. This year they will be adding UCSB to their formal summer internship program which brings together a cohort of 8 – 10 interns to the Manhattan Beach headquarters to fill various roles depending on organization need for a 10 – 12 week structured experience. Please find their listing on GauchoLink.

Additionally Skechers is always interested in hiring college students during the academic year, school breaks and the summer at their retail stores where skills in customer service and management are readily developed. Obviously experience in the retail industry and Skechers specifically is highly desired in the hiring process.

Blog written by Diana Seder, Employer Relations Manager, UCSB Career Services,