fathom-careers-banner_600px-width_225px-heightWalking up the stairs in FATHOM’s Oakland-based 3D printing facility, I notice a group of small greyish objects along the stairwell. Leslie Ugarte, head of HR and UCSB graduate, tells me that FATHOM doesn’t bother with employee photos; instead, it uses 3D printers to create a bust of each person to highlight their unique—and growing—workforce.
Housed in a great location near Jack London Square in a classic manufacturing/brick loft-type structure with a youthful vibe, FATHOM is currently undergoing its largest expansion to date, doubling the size of its production center at its headquarters to accommodate the growing need for accelerated manufacturing services. The applications of 3D printing are almost limitless and cross all industries—biomedical, automotive, entertainment, industrial, aeronautical, retail, to name just a few! FATHOM works with companies large and small, creating parts, developing products, and providing equipment for organizations ranging from the largest Silicon Valley titans to startups looking to secure funding.
The team members at FATHOM seem to relish the fresh and exciting challenges that come with much of their work, as many of the projects they work on entail creating something that has never before existed.polyjet-technology-fathom-3d-printing-services-600px-width_96px-height



3D printing, or as it’s called in the industry, “Additive Manufacturing,” is an umbrella term for creating parts through adding material layer by layer. In one of the most common processes, PolyJet 3D printing, the part is made somewhat similarly to 2D inkjet printing. Controlled by a computer model or 3D scan, the 3D printer creates a part by laying down material as slim as one-tenth of a millimeter, then lowering the build tray, and repeating the process until the three-dimensional part is complete. FATHOM 3D prints parts in a variety of materials, including thermoplastics, metals, and even circuitry!
FATHOM is looking to hire UCSB students in a variety of positions including design and engineering roles (for those with technical skills), lead generation, customer service, and many more. Specific majors and types of experience will vary by position and focus. Leslie Ugarte ( welcomes outreach from UCSB students to discuss their interest in working at FATHOM (
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