Recruiter’s Perspective: Yardi Systems


Why do you enjoy recruiting Gauchos?

I am a little partial to recruiting Gauchos because I am an Alumni of UCSB myself! I also find that the students graduating from UCSB are very conscientious and are well prepared for their careers after graduation. UCSB also offers majors that are well aligned to the positions we have available at Yardi that develop and support our software.

What’s tips would you give to students to be successful at the career fair?

I would suggest coming to the event prepared. This would include bringing plenty of resume copies, professional dress and ability to shake hands! Also, students should do some research before attending the career fair. It will be helpful to understand which companies are the right fit for your career search and generally hire for your major. Lastly, be ready to have a conversation with a recruiter. Most likely, it will not be extremely in-depth at the career fair, but it is your first impression, so you should be friendly and professional. Also remember, often, managers that are hiring for positions may attend as well, so this is a great opportunity to get some face time with them.

 What tips would you give to students about how to be successful in an interview?

Be prepared! Do your homework and research the company you are interviewing with. Make sure you understand the position you are applying for so you can review the requirements and correlate your experience or educational background to that role. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, interviewing is not a one way street. Interviewing provides a great opportunity for you to have dialog with hiring managers and determine whether the company/position fits with your career goals. Questions also demonstrate that you have taken the time to think about the company/position and show your interest level. Lastly, always be respectful, actively listen, maintain eye contact and smile!

What type of opportunities are available at your company?

We are definitely in growth mode at Yardi which is an exciting place to be! We are currently hiring for Associate Technical Account Managers to implement our software. These roles are a great fit for Economics, Math, Statistics, or IT majors. We also have opportunities for Software Engineers which would align with Computer Science or Computer Engineering with a software focus.


Jules2Julia Hardcastle-Leitch
Recruitment Manager
Yardi Systems