Congratulations to the 2017 Internship Scholarship Program Award Recipients!

Career Services and the Internship Scholarship Selection Committee are thrilled to announce the six recipients of the 2017 Internship Scholarship Program and to celebrate the career ambition and accomplishments of these undergraduates as they surpass barriers towards professional success. The 2017 award recipients for both the Career Catalyst and Dream Awards have landed impressive summer internship and research positions that will expand their professional network and career opportunities.  The program promotes attainment of professional preparation and provides scholarships of $1,500 to make necessary experience more accessible by offsetting financial hardships associated with unpaid internships.


2017 Career Catalyst Award Recipients & Summer Highlights

Sydney  — B.A. in History— Intern with the UC Office of Federal and Governmental Relations
“I applied to the University of California, Washington Center Program (UCDC) with the hopes of gaining experience beyond what is offered in California.  When I was accepted, I was ecstatic and excited to venture on this journey to our nation’s capital.  My acceptance to UCDC proved to me that my background does not define me and that I have the ability to achieve my dreams…As an aspiring lawyer, I have applied to legal internships…to gain early experience before applying to law school…My professional and career goals center around helping the communities that cannot help themselves and my criteria for an ideal internship takes this into account.  I take any opportunity and treat it as a learning experience, and this internship is no exception…I will create a space for myself of learning and scholarship.” – Sydney

Damaris  –B.A. in Sociology, minor in Education Studies —Intern with the Santa Barbara Education Foundation
“The Santa Barbara Education Foundation invests in the community’s public education by promoting educational equity within all schools in the Santa Barbara Unified District.  As a Development Intern…I will be responsible for helping the Development Officer with fundraising, data entry, projects, marketing and event planning…By interning for SBEF, it would be an amazing opportunity to give back to the community while continuing while continuing to motivate students from Santa Barbara Unified School District…My interests circle many areas such as Assessment and Evaluation, Equity and Diversity, Marginalized communities as well as the student population as a whole.  I would like to gain a better understanding of these areas and share insights with professionals at SBEF.  I am looking forward to meet(ing) new people, learn(ing) more and improv(ing) my skills…” – Damaris

2017 Dream Award Recipients & Summer Highlights

Maribel — B.A. in Environmental Studies, B.A. in Spanish— Intern with UCSB Sustainability

“I am excited to be a part of the group of interns as we get to put into practice what we learn in class and work on projects on campus.  I hope to improve my networking skills at this internship through constant networking that I will be doing with students and staff.  I would like to become an environmental planner and one of the most important things is being able to connect with the community and…I will get to hear and voice concerns of student organization leaders and serve as their representative.” – Maribel

Rony — B.A. in Sociology, minor in LGBTQ Studies — Intern with the National Center for Transgender Equality

“At the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) in Washington D.C., I will support the commitment to create visibility, policy change, equity and equality for Transgender People in the United States.  There is urgency to create change and change policy to best serve the lives of Transgender People at the state, local and federal level.  I am extremely honored to have been chosen by NCTE to intern in the Summer of 2017 through UCDC at UCSB.  This internship will allow me to engage in critical dialogue, challenge existing policies, and bring back knowledge and wisdom to create local change in the community at UCSB, especially for Transgender People on our campus.  As an Undocumented Queer Student of Color, I feel supported by the community of faculty, fellow students, friends and people who continue to support Dreamers to reach their goal of obtaining an education.  I am thankful to the Career Services Team and Undocumented Student Services for creating new roads to success for Undocumented Students at UCSB.” – Rony

Abdelaziz — Pre-Biology, B.A. in Music— Actively seeking a laboratory or volunteer opportunity

“I am definitely in need of financial support in order to help me through my plans this summer…The money graciously granted from this scholarship would allow me…to work with my professors.  My plans for this summer are to aid a professor or…a professional researcher on campus with their research…I am tirelessly working to meet that goal.” – Abdelaziz

Janeth — B.A. in Anthropology — Intern with CAUSE

“I believe that this summer internship will allow me to use skills I already possess such as organization, problem solving, and public speaking to grow as a leader and community organizer.  After I receive my B.A. in Anthropology, Cultural Emphasis from UCSB, I plan to attend Law School and learn about Immigration Law to…help the undocumented communities and Latino communities…I look forward to interacting with the Latino and undocumented communities in the Santa Barbara area and learning about how I can help them now and in the future.” – Janeth


Program Overview

Internship Scholarship Program recipients are selected based on demonstration of financial need, impact of scholarship award, and justification of how the internship supports career interests and professional growth.A special thank you to the Internship Scholarship Selection Committee for their dedication during the competitive blind-review process and commitment to the success of UCSB students!

2017 Internship Scholarship Selection Committee

  • Malaphone Phommasa, Transfer Student Center Director
  • Diana Valdivia, Undocumented Student Services Coordinator
  • Jo Ann Villanueva-Salvador, Career Counselor
  • David Lee, EOP Counselor
  • Tracy Smith, Career Peer, B.A. in Psychology

I’d also like to especially recognize the efforts of Diana Valdivia and Undocumented Student Services at UCSB, who generously funded four of the scholarships for this year’s recipients.  Thank you for your service and partnership!

Consider partnering with Career’s annual program to sponsor an award and help students gain necessary experience to prepare for opportunities beyond UCSB. For more information about the program please visit the Internship Scholarship Program webpage. To get involved, please contact Amanda Asquith, Student Experience Coordinator and Career Counselor ( & appreciation to artist Erin Ryan!