Gaucho Summer Experiences Spotlight: Juliet Fong!

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Juliet Fong Summer Spotlight

Name: Juliet Fong

Major: Biology

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Employer: National Taiwan University Hospital

1. Briefly describe a typical day at your internship/research/volunteer experience, such as the type of training you received or project you worked on. Any highlights or favorite moments? 

A typical day of my research consisted of me attending a Taiwanese culture class in the morning, then taking the MRT 15 minutes away to the National Taiwan University Hospital in the afternoon, where I would conduct research in a biomedical informatics lab. I also attended meetings with my lab’s masters students, hospital doctors, geneticists, and scientists. On a day to day basis, I interacted with masters students and post-docs; my lab was roughly 15-20 people. My professor was incredibly brilliant and kind and showed me the best jelly drinks at a local stand on campus. He also took my lab and I on a beautiful hike called Xiaoyoukeng. My post-doc generously took a day to show me around the beautiful landscapes of Taipei, so I got a great perspective of Taiwanese culture from a local.

2. How did this experience help you to explore and prepare for your career goals? (i.e. consider the biggest take-away(s) or skills from the experience that will help you in the future; or valuable connections you made along the way).  

Participating in a research lab in Taiwan helped me explore my career goals in showing me what the work ethic of a masters and post-doc student was like. It helped prepare me to be more independent, more open-minded, and enabled me to have connections to some incredible people for the future. I was also able to help contribute to a research paper.

3. What did you learn most about yourself or about the position that you did not know before after taking part in it?

I learned most about how much I enjoy working with other people in a hands-on setting. I love to be an active worker and interacting with/meeting new people while I’m working. I am also a very attentive worker and willing to try new things. Most of all, I learned how important it is to take chances and risks because the outcome can be something truly incredible.

4. What 1-2 pieces of advice would you give to fellow Gauchos to help them find and apply to this specific internship/research/volunteer position?

I would advise my fellow Gauchos to definitely apply to the research program in Taiwan. The experience is so unique, it is so important to truly cherish it because it flies by too quickly. I would also say to keep an open mind because there are so many foods, sights, people and experiences to encounter that you’ll regret not trying everything.