A Day in the Life of a Gaucho at Procore

Fouad Abdul-Baki

Major at UCSB: Economics & Accounting, Business Communication Minor

Date of graduation: June 2017

Current Job Title: Business Development Representative, Mid-Market

What motivated you to work at Procore?
Throughout undergrad and the TMP program, I always heard how up-and-coming and disruptive Procore is. During the interview, I was drawn to the company culture and could not pass up the opportunity to work at a place that highly values its employees. Not to mention I get to have a hand in the building process for some very cool construction projects across the US.


Give us a snapshot of a typical work day.
I usually get in early, have some coffee, and check my emails. Then I spend the majority of my morning reaching out to companies to learn more about their processes to find out if Procore can be of any help to them. After that, I take my dog out to our Procore lawn for a quick walk with some other Procore pups. The rest of the day is spent in one-on-one meetings, having lunch from one of the many restaurants that cater to Procore, and working closely with my Account Executive to strategize about target accounts.

What were the 3 most important things you did during your application process to help you land the job?

  1. Be proactive about it. Have your friends proofread your emails to recruiters. Study the company as much as you can so it looks like you have done your research.
  2. Connect with as many people in your network who work at the company, and reach out to them to see what they think. A lot of times, they will help you navigate the application process.
  3. Be relentless about your approach. I knew I wanted to work at Procore, and was rejected the first time I applied for my current role. I submitted the application again, and heard back from the company recruiter the second time around.

 What experience helped you prepare the most for this job?
During my junior and senior year, I worked for a company in Santa Barbara called BigSpeak. The team at BigSpeak helped me solidify my decision to pursue a career in sales, and helped me tremendously in preparation for the professional world.

Looking back on undergrad, is there anything you would have done differently to prepare for your career?
Looking back, I wish I took more TMP classes and stayed in touch with my professors. Towards the end of college, I realized I did not want to be an accountant and shifted my focus towards TMP and getting an minor in Business Communication. My biggest regret, is not realizing that I did not want to do Accounting sooner. Spend a lot of time thinking about what it is you want to be doing after college, and then act on what you want to do.

What is your advice to students interested in similar positions?
Don’t hesitate to reach out to people who were in similar positions as you. Use LinkedIn, and connect with alumni to get their thoughts on everything. Website like Glassdoor are also really useful for seeing what experiences other people have had applying and interviewing at companies you want to work for.