Global Accounting Firm, Mazars USA, Looking to Grow in LA – Diana’s Employer Digest

Our resident Employer Outreach Manager, Diana Seder, has just recently returned from a very productive meeting with Mazars USA, the American branch of global audit, accounting and consultancy group headquartered in Paris, France with offices in 79 countries. Diana was able to gain some fruitful insight into how Mazars is looking for some bright Gauchos in order to flesh out their growing presence in the West Coast.

Overview: Since 1921, Mazars USA LLP has provided a unique combination of foresight and experience when fulfilling client needs in accounting, tax and advisory services. Named a top U.S. accounting firm by Accounting Today, Mazars’ team of professionals brings technical expertise, industry insight and an integrated, customized approach to dealing with the critical issues and competitive challenges facing the firm’s clients. Whether on the local level or internationally, the firm guides clients through their day-to-day operations and works with them to ensure they have the right financial structure in place to meet their business goals.

Key Takeaways:
1. Mazars USA is expecting to grow a lot in Los Angeles, especially in the coming years.
Mazars has a strong presence on the East Coast, and has just opened up a new office in Century City, Los Angeles. The team of Mazars USA is viewing this new office as an area of major growth for them in the coming years, and they are looking to build UCSB as one of their major sources of new talent. Their LA office will specialize in the manufacturing, distribution, and technology spaces.

2. Mazars is specifically interested in hiring and sponsoring international students.
The team at Mazars LA expressed that want to sponsor international students due to their very large international presence. International students interested in working in accounting, tax, and audit should definitely keep their eyes on opportunities at Mazars!

3. Bringing more women into the firm is one of Mazars’ objectives.
The 2 partners opening the LA office are female, and expressed a lot of interest in participating in upcoming networking events that target women in finance, accounting, and consulting. Budding woman accountants should keep their name in mind when on the job hunt!

Learn more about working at Mazars on their website, and keep up to date with current openings for Gauchos by keeping an eye on their profile on Handshake!