Gaucho Summer Experiences Spotlight: Andy Ludovina!

Wondering what to do this summer? Get inspired by other Gauchos who took on summer experiences!

Andy Ludovina Summer Spotlight

Name: Andy Ludovina

Major: Communication

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Employer: UCSB Career Services and Lagoon Designs

The first opportunity I had the pleasure of was working on-campus at Career Services as a Career Peer Advisor. My responsibilities included advising and providing guidance to students with any career planning or major exploration concerns. I was also a part of a few new projects including navigating the new job/internship board (Handshake), assisting in developing a Career Board game, researching different universities and their methods of sharing presentations, working actively with the Career Counselors to construct new Jumpstart presentations for the coming school year, reaching out to all the departments on campus to inform them of our events, tabling and talking to transfer students and incoming freshman, the list goes on and on.

Working as a Career Peer Advisor enabled me to grow in so many ways including public speaking, communicating in a professional environment, learning new computer skills, etc. Working in the Career Resource Room also exposed me to so many amazing resources and opportunities I probably would have never heard of. These opportunities include career fairs, networking workshops, how to become marketable, how to gain relevant experiences, and more. Deciding to become a Career Peer has been the most beneficial decision I’ve made since being in college. I am constantly surrounded by driven students and counselors who strive for success, and that drive is definitely infectious.

 Another opportunity I was introduced to over the summer was becoming a Marketing Intern for Lagoon Designs ( a swimwear brand). One of my passions is anything to do with bikinis and the beach. I’ve always been interested in designing swimwear so rather than just constantly keeping up with all the swimwear brands from my phone, I decided to reach out to a brand who happened to be based in Santa Barbara. To my surprise the designer contacted me back offering a position as an intern! Since then I have learned so many things related to marketing. My responsibilities include updating and maintaining the company’s social media, sending out email blasts, creating monthly blog posts, and more. I also go to all the events that Lagoon hosts. In the near future I even get to accompany Lagoon Designs to Miami Swim Week (BIG DEAL)  and go to Bali, yup Bali,  to check out the manufacturing plant where all the suits are made. Basically, my passion for swimwear is turning into a reality and it’s been so surreal.

 Advice I would give to my fellow Gauchos is to be proactive! I heard about the position as a Career Peer Advisor from one of my sorority sisters and worked up the confidence to apply. For my marketing internship at Lagoon Designs I decided to reach out to the owner and express my passion for what her company stands for and it definitely paid off to say the least. So if you are really interested in working for a specific company or getting involved in something you’re passionate about make it happen! Reach out, talk to people, put in the effort!