Congratulations to the 2018 Internship Scholarship Program Award Recipients!

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Career Services and the Internship Scholarship Selection Committee are thrilled to announce the eight recipients of the 2018 Internship Scholarship Program and to celebrate the career ambition and accomplishments of these undergraduates as they surpass barriers towards professional success. The 2018 award recipients for the Career Catalyst, Dream, and newly created Debbie Fleming Internship awardees  will be taking part in impressive summer internship and research positions that will expand their professional network and career opportunities.  The program promotes the attainment of professional preparation and provides scholarships of $1,500 to make necessary experiences more accessible by offsetting the financial hardships associated with unpaid internships.

2018 Career Catalyst Award Recipients & Summer Highlights

Ashley —B.A. in Environmental Studies — Research Assistant with the School of Field Studies in Costa Rica
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I have been accepted to the School for Field Studies (a nonprofit organization) to participate in a study on applied research techniques and strategies toward sustainability in Costa Rica...I chose this program because I aspire to one day be a sustainability coordinator and this program trains you for it. I also believe that this study will build off of classes I have already taken…The great thing about doing a field study though is that there is much more hands on application and it prepares you for the real profession. I will be able to use all this information that I have learned and apply it to real life situations which will be beneficial for when I try to get a job. In addition, I hope to gain a more worldly experience since it is abroad.”

Arturo–B.A. in English and History —Intern with Bet Tzedek Legal Services
Internship Scholarship Awards_Arturo
From this experience I hope to gain more knowledge and experience in the field of law, in particular legal services that aid low income individuals. I hope to one day become an attorney and work at work at a nonprofit legal services center like Bet Tzedek where I can help low‐income individuals obtain legal aid they otherwise would not have.  I feel this internship will be very beneficial in helping me meet my stated goal as I will be gaining valuable knowledge and experience in concerns to law.  I will learn how to meet the legal needs of low‐income individuals who I one day hope to serve as an attorney…Overall my internship will help me learn more about law and will help prepare me for a career in law.

Yuna — B.A. in Sociology — Intern with First 5 California
Internship Scholarship Awards_Yuna
I hope to grow in my knowledge and experience in the legal support, or lack thereof, (of) families and children.  My primary career goal is to improve the quality of life (of) children, but I am still exploring the paths through which I can accomplish this, as I want to find a career that will allow me to make the best use of my skill set and make the biggest difference. Thus, I have two goals for this internship: to find my passion in social and public service and gain practical skills for my future career or to learn that I am better suited for working directly with children and use my new knowledge of legal programs’ development and implementation to better serve them.”

2018 Dream Award Recipients & Summer Highlights

Yesica — B.A. in Sociology — Intern with Monterey County Office of Education
Internship Scholarship_Yesica
“I want to be able to start making connections in my city to have prospective job offers and letters of recommendations, in addition to gain skills in public speaking and communication. I want to be able to get out of my comfort zone in order to become a resource to my community and to be able to inform about any resources they might need both in education and legal services. I also want to gain knowledge about how local government works through a non‐profit organization’s perspective on making change in addition to knowing more about what needs to be done in order to create a safer and healthier community.”

Daniela — B.A. in Chicana/Chicano Studies — Intern with Building Healthy Communities
Internship Scholarship Awards_Daniela
“This internship will potentially allow me to enhance the way I interact with people since my career goal is to become a school counselor, I feel like being involved with this organization will allow me to guide people and help them be more involved within their own community. I am planning to double major in Chicana/o Studies and Sociology, therefore, I think that this internship will be a perfect fit since I will be working with an under-served community, that demographically is Latino/a so I will be putting my knowledge to practice…I know that I want to work helping others so this opportunity could help me decide what path I want to continue on regarding my career.”

Katherin — B.A. in Psychology and Brain Sciences, Minor in Statistical Sciences, Feminist Studies and TMP — Research Intern with the UCSB Department of Communication
Internship Scholarship Awards_Katherin

“I want to pursue social psychology and want to research love, sex and relationships…I want to be sure I focus on my next career step but also in the process of being a good candidate I have to have a lot of lab research…In these labs I hope to gain a lot of lab exposure and also network with other graduate students that are already (there) and learn what they hope to research in the future. I have found it important in prepping for graduate school that it is important to network and be able to have a strong CV.  My goal this summer is to focus on attaining that and being able to pursue my dream of attending graduate school right after my undergrad.”

2018 Debbie Fleming Intern Award Recipients & Summer Highlights

Dami — Pre-Biopsychology — Intern with Habitat for Humanity of Southern Santa Barbara County
Internship Scholarship Awards_Dami

“The position entails leading groups of volunteers in assisting in the building of three homes in Carpinteria. Additionally, since I expressed interest in public health during my interview, the Habitat Team has generously offered me the opportunity to also work in the social services aspect of the organization which includes making home visits and learning about the family selection process. My career goal is to pursue a Master’s in Public Health and given that UCSB currently lacks an undergraduate program in public health, internships remain my best method of gaining insight and experience into the field…Through this internship, I hope to gain insight into the life of service I plan to lead in the future.”

Miriam — B.A. in Global Studies and Sociology – Intern through the Thailand Public Health Program with Thammasat University
Internship Scholarship Awards_Miriam

“I am interested in participating in the public health internship because I believe the
health sector is always going to be an important part of every society regardless of its level of development…From this program, I hope to gain a lot of experience that will aid me in building a solid foundation for possible participation in Peace Corps upon graduation from university.   I am confident that the experience of being able to physically participate in solutions to global healthcare challenges will provide me with skills that will go far beyond the classroom walls.”

Congratulations again to all of our recipients!!
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(photo credit to Lily Erickson; image credit to Erin Ryan)