Career Services Proudly Presents the 2019 Internship Scholarship Program Award Recipients!

Congratulations to the 2019 Internship Scholarship Award Recipients!

Career Services and the Internship Scholarship Selection Committee are thrilled to announce the award recipients of the Internship Scholarship Program and to celebrate the career ambition and accomplishments of these undergraduates as they surpass barriers towards professional success. The 2019 award recipients have landed impressive summer internship and research positions that will expand their professional network and career opportunities, ranging from on-campus and local positions to opportunities in the nation’s capital and beyond. The program promotes attainment of professional preparation and provides scholarships of $1,500 to make necessary experience more accessible by offsetting financial hardships associated with unpaid internships. Read more about their achievements below.

2019 Career Catalyst Award Recipients & Summer Experiences Highlights:

Natalie-B.A. English, Spring 2021 – Intern with The Tracy Press, Tracy CA (not pictured)
“I will be interning at a newspaper company called The Tracy Press. The editor of the paper is in the process of designing an extremely specific program based on my interests in editing and writing…When I came across this opportunity to interview for this position, I knew it was exactly the internship I had been searching for. I am passionate about communications and the written word and I could see myself striving to have a career in journalism in the future and this internship helps me to become one step closer to that goal.

Anita-B.S. Environmental Studies, Spring 2021 – Intern with the NOVA Editorial Office, Boston, MA
“My chosen career path of science communication is something I’ve been pursuing since starting my environmental studies degree here at UCSB…I see this internship as getting my foot in the door at a major institution I’d love to work at after graduation, and a chance to learn true industry practice. Furthermore, it’s a chance to tangibly see how my career plans fit within my lifestyle, and to help me decide if this is ultimately the type of work I’d like to do.”

Stephanie-B.A Sociology, Feminist Studies, Spring 2020 – Intern with Chambers Law Firm, Santa Ana, CA
“Upon graduation, I plan to attend law school and work in an International Social Justice sector of law to help others. Specifically, I hope to pursue youth policy…Overall, my expriences in this internship will advance and support my future goals by providing me the opportunity to gain personal connections, offer unique leadership opportunities, discover new interests, and seek new challenges.”

Joy-B.A. B.A. Global Studies, French, Spring 2020 – Intern with Théâtre de l’Opprimé, Paris, France
As a Global Studies major aiming to go into fundraising for an international nonprofit organization, having experience with the strategic aspect of individual donor solicitation is vital. I have had experience working directly with lower level donors, writing grant applications, and even drafting fundraising plans, but I have yet to experience strategizing major donor solicitation and cultivation…being able to demonstrate that I have previously represented a major nonprofit to high-scale donors will give me a competitive edge.”

2019 Dream Award Recipients & Summer Experience Highlights:

Ilse-B.A. Sociology, Spring 2020 – Intern with GLIDE, San Francisco, CA
“I recently decided that I will be applying to graduate school in order to receive my master’s in social work. Interning at GLIDE will help me gain the skills necessary to resist the different issues and conflicts that constantly and aggressively target communities of color. GLIDE will help me gain invaluable experience working with marginalized communities especially because their mission is to support communities facing adversities.”

Aziz-B.S. Biology, Spring 2020 – Research Assistant in the Weimbs Lab, UCSB (not pictured)
“My career interests fully intertwine with my position in the Weimbs lab, I am fulfilled in my everyday tasks of participating in the work of finding a cure/therapeutic for this disease [Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease]. The extra time I have this summer will also be particularly beneficial as I will learn how to conduct my own experiments investigating immunoglobulin A, a skill that is particularly sought after by graduate schools in their prospective graduate students.”

Brenda-B.A. Communication, Spring 2020 – UC Washington DC Program Participant
I hope to gain hands on experience first hand on legislative as well as organizational work through this internship. I have experienced first hand how the law affects issues on education within higher education, and now I wan to apply and expand my knowledge in the professional sphere. The methodology in the UCDC program will be an extension of my educational trajectory from which I can further comprehend policy issues surrounding education and access to education.”

Ricardo-Pre-Biology, focus in Biochemistry, Spring 2022 – Undergraduate Research Assistant for Professor Wilson Lab, UCSB
“Since one of my goals is to apply to a PhD program, I believe that taking part in this internship starting my freshman year can help me build a good foundation in scientific research while developing skills that are pivotal to succeed as a researcher. One of the short-term skills that I can acquire in this internship is the correct use of laboratory equipment as well as the understanding an acquisition of scientific jargon.”

Miguel-B.A. History, Classics, Spring 2020 – Intern with the Center for Tebtunis Papyri, UC Berkeley
“My career plans are to obtain a PhD in Ancient History and become a professor…This internship will furnish me with hands-on experience…by allowing me to interact directly with Greek and Egyptian documents, and achaeological materials from Pharaonic and Graeco-Roman Egypt…Not only will this internship at UC Berkeley grant me the opportunity to interact with ancient texts and materials without having to travel outside of the US, it will also have a profound impact on the way in which I conduct research and think of the ancient Greek world.”

2019 Debbie Fleming Internship Award Recipients & Summer Experiences Highlights:

Lizbeth-B.A. Biology, CCS, Spring 2020 – UCEAP Field Research Program Participant in Mexico
It is essential for me to gain international research experience during my undergraduate career, so I can develop strategies to deal with similar situations once in graduate school. The program will give me exposure to each step of the raw research process, which is rare to obtain in a traditional UC setting…This will allow me to be a step closer to establishing my research career and being at the forefront of research and conservation efforts in the Latin American region.”

Brianna-B.S. Biopsychology, Summer 2019 – UCEAP Field Research Program in Thailand
I chose to study abroad with the Public Health Program at Thammasat University, Thailand, because it will introduce me to communities where I will be able to interact with new people, cultures, languages, and entire livelihoods. Through student teams, I will study the most pressing global issues within these border communities…I am excited to apply this knowledge to formulate solutions towards these issues and possibly implement them to make a change.”

We’d also like to honor three amazing students who will also receive funding for their internship experiences. A special thank you as well to the Vice Chancellor’s Office of Student Affairs for their funding support!!

Alex-B.A. Political Science, Spring 2020 – Intern with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office West Covina Area
After graduating from UCSB, I plan on attending law school. Working for the District Attorney’s Office will be an important milestone in my career. I hope to learn whether a career in the legal field is right for me, and do some good for my local community…I will gain experience working in a legal office, as well as an opportunity to network with practicing attorneys. At the end of it all, I will know whether I want to pursue a career in law.”

Juan-B.A. Economics, Political Science, Spring 2022 – Intern with Riverside County District Attorney’s Office
Completing this internship will undoubtedly catapult me even closer towards my goal of going to law school one day and becoming a prosecutor at the state or federal level. While I am looking forward to developing the concrete skills this internship will help me foster, I am most eager to be surrounded by ambitious county prosecutors that go to work every day with the purpose of making the County of Riverside incrementally safer. After learning from them this summer, I will apply their same tenacity to everything I tackle in my future.”

Cynthia-B.A. Sociology, Summer 2019 – Intern with CHIRLA, Los Angeles, CA
During the summer I will be interning at a non-profit organization that deals with immigrant rights. Being here I hope to learn how the legal system works, not just in a managerial sense but I hope to learn how policies come to affect our most vulnerable communities. By being an intern here I am sure that my career journey will be enhanced because I will be guided by lawyers, leaders in the neighboring communities, and by people who can help me learn about communication these issues…”

Internship Scholarship Program recipients are selected based on demonstration of financial need, impact of scholarship award, and justification of how the internship supports career interests and professional growth.

A special thank you to the Internship Scholarship Selection Committee for their dedication during the competitive blind-review process and commitment to the success of UCSB students!

2019 Internship Scholarship Selection Committee

Micaela Rodriguez Tovar, Program Assistant, Undocumented Student Services
Yasmine Dominguez-Whitehead,
Student Activities Coordinator, ONDAS Student Center
Kari Weber,
Student Activities Coordinator, Transfer Student Center
Daylon Townes, Career Peer, B.A in Film & Media Studies

I’d also like to especially recognize the efforts of Undocumented Student Services at UCSB, who generously funded five of the scholarships for this year’s recipients for the third year in a row.  Thank you again for your service and partnership!

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